Oracle Universal Content Management


Share content across the enterprise

It can be difficult to share content with all relevant parties across the enterprise and outside firewalls when it is stored in disparate systems. Oracle Universal Content Management converts nearly 400 file formats to Web-ready formats such as HTML, XML, GIF and PDF to deliver content via Web sites, desktops etc.

Automate expensive, time-intensive and manual processes

Securely share and distribute content through the Web instead of spending millions of dollars every year on printing, production and shipping costs.

Manage content throughout the lifecycle

Content is managed throughout creation, capture and storage, applying the appropriate amount of control and adding additional support for users during each lifecycle phase.

Establish a content management platform across the enterprise

Oracle Universal Content Management offers all enterprise content management functionality including Web content management, document and imaging management, digital asset management and records and retention management on a single, unified platform.

Power enterprise applications with managed content

ECM provides organisations with a platform to house unstructured content and deliver it in the proper format to multiple applications across the enterprise.

Minimise risk

Minimise risk by keeping total control of content, maintain audit trails and automate the retention and disposition of content based on consistent policies.