Primavera Application Hosting

Cloud hosting transforms the cost, speed and agility with which IT services can be delivered. It offers a unified customer experience at all times from all locations. Our Cloud solutions deliver a broad portfolio of applications centered on Enterprise Project Management applications. Customers choose from a matrix of support and services to maximize business benefit and user experience.

The delivery of Primavera P6 EPPM via a hosted environment through Epicnet addresses the immediate need for clients who require Primavera software to be deployed quickly through a hosted environment allowing for rapid deployments from contract to go-live in 30-days or less. Enterprises can quickly move applications and workloads from the premises to the cloud. New applications and projects can be deployed incredibly fast. Customers choose how to manage deployments, application and user access, themselves or have our dedicated team do it for them.

Improved Reliability

Our hosting solutions come with levels of reliability, resilience and bandwidth rarely available in internal deployments.

Top Tier data-centres offer guaranteed multi-source power, stunning bandwidth via multiple providers,  advanced fire-suppression and environmental control and 24 x 365 manned security.

Layer over this physical security things like automated server failover using server imaging and virtualisation technologies, load balanced clustered servers and levels of up-time and resilience are achieved that are way beyond that traditionally seen in internal deployments.

Cost Effective

Capital outlay is one of the major roadblocks in getting the go-ahead for new applications.  External hosting can remove the need for up-front capital. Known fixed monthly costs are easier to budget for with the added flexibility to increase or reduce users


    Phone, email and live chat with our UK based support team.


Data backups are tailored to the customer's backup and disaster recovery strategy. These might include daily delivery of tapes to secure off-site storage, encrypted replication of backup data to another hosting centre or the customer's site.

Why Choose Epic Net as your Hosting Partner

  • We provide a range of hosting solutions tailored to your requirements.
  • We are UK based and have the knowhow on Applications and infrastructure used in specific industries e.g. Construction and Engineering, Aerospace and Defence, Oil and Gas amongst others.
  • We have over 15 years of application hosting experience.


Download the Epic Net Hosting Fact Sheet