Oracle Primavera Gateway

Enable integrated project-based processes without the need for duplicate data entry to ensure project success regardless of complexity, variability and volume of project related data.

Key Features of Oracle Primavera Gateway

  • Application agnostic integration capability for Primavera applications
  • Standard Java application with no dependency on third party middleware
  • Extensible integration solution with configuration and customisation options for each business solution
  • Designed for scalability and high-performance data exchange

Transparent management

Enterprise-wide project, portfolio and resource management transparency.

Manage costs

Reduce your total cost of ownership by supporting on-time, on-budget project delivery.

Data consistency

Consistency of data between applications; easy, configurable and customisable data synchronisation.

Improved reporting and collaboration

Improve collaboration with internal and external groups and benefit from reliable reporting of project parameters across applications.

Multi-lingual support

Technical support available for users of Oracle Primavera Gateway in 27 different languages.

Download the Primavera Gateway Fact sheet