Our Project Management Services

Milestone will help you create new standards of best practice in your project management processes, controls and outputs. We believe that the project portfolio management function works as part of the wider organisation and our strong historical track record in providing successful project management software solutions that combine software, consultancy and training will create additional value for your business as a whole.

At Milestone we identify the best solutions for your project, programme and portfolio management needs based on your key operational requirements. We then assess the likely impact of these solutions for your business and suggest the most effective integration and collaboration tools. We develop customised project management solutions that can be integrated with your existing products. Working together in partnership we will develop systems that optimise your project portfolio management delivery.

Installation Consultancy

Project management software system installations need to be designed to be both immediately productive and capable of handling future expansion. We are experienced in designing systems ranging from single user to multinational organisations with thousands of users; from simple desktops to widely distributed networks.

Application Consultancy

Successfully implementing project management software must support your existing procedures and processes as much as possible and minimise the need for change. However, any new system also offers the opportunity to review and assess your current processes to ensure they are as efficient as possible. We can provide industry best practice and assist you in driving and identifying value-added changes while minimising the impact on your day-to-day operations.

Health Checks

After installing a new project management software solution it is important to assess the value on a continuous basis. Milestone’s Application Health Check has been designed to check that you’re getting the most out of your system.

Oracle Accelerate

Oracle Accelerate solutions deliver a comprehensive set of applications, rapid implementation tools and an extensive partner system to help you maximise your budgets and achieve quick real business value.

Customised Training

We have trained thousands of people over the last twenty years. We provide project management training at our London and Aberdeen training centres, or we can deliver on-site to design courses that have been customised to your individual organisation.

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