Deltek Acumen Risk

Through powerful, straightforward cost/schedule risk analytics, Deltek Risk offers the ability to track, identify and prepare for potential risks – before they impact the project. 

Acumen Risk: 

Acumen Risk is a Monte Carlo risk analysis tool combining true cost and schedule risk analysis against a native project plan together with identified risk events from a project risk register.

Ease of use

The challenge of accurately capturing risk scores and uncertainty ranges is overcome with a simple-to-use sliding scale that project teams can actually relate to.

Risk analysis and risk register combined

This sliding scale combined with the Acumen Risk ‘risk register’ captures both current state and targeted migrated state, enabling you to analyse the cost-benefit of executing your planned mitigation steps.

Integrated cost and schedule

Easily link schedule risk to cost risk so that you can determine the impact of schedule delays on your project cost estimate.

Acumen Risk includes the following features:

  • Uncertainty Factor™ approach: focus on collaborating on true inputs into the risk model rather than getting bogged down in statistical analysis.
  • The Risk Adviser™: recommend uncertainty settings for each activity group based on schedule activity, past performance, an Acumen Fuse metric or even a field within the schedule.
  • Meaningful reports: Risk Exposure, Risk Drivers, Risk Comparison, Uncertainty Inputs and Risk Sensitivity reporting.
  • Integrated risk register: Easily identify, score and track risk events in both current state and target or mitigated state with the Acumen Risk ‘risk register’.

Download the Deltek Acumen Risk Fact Sheet