Oracle Primavera Web Services

Enterprise level integration capabilities that connect Primavera solutions with existing line-of-business systems to increase productivity and project success.

Primavera Web Services lets organisations combine project data and dashboards from other Primavera applications into the organisation’s existing portal strategy. This allows custom applications to be created from internal systems such as inventory systems, ticketing systems and mashups from internet-based services like Google Maps.

Integrates with existing business systems

From enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to financial systems to desktop productivity tools including Microsoft Outlook and Excel, Primavera web services offer you an enterprise wide integration strategy that will help you reach your business objectives.  

Leverage existing IT investments

A Web services API lets users integrate with Primavera P6 from any portfolio language supporting Web services including .NET and Java and is not dependent on any specific operating system platform.  

Improved project team productivity

Improve productivity by keeping project budget data in Excel, listing activities in Outlook or assigning due tasks with Lotus Notes. With Primavera Web Services, users can work in a more natural environment by combining the project lifecycle with common front-office tools.  

Single portal business performance management

Project data can be displayed in a representational graph allowing users to report on metrics including schedule performance, cost performance and schedule variance.

Distributed system deployable

By leveraging the power of Primavera Web Services, the HTTPS protocol and XML, users can create a series of lightly coupled solutions that execute independently or within a J2EE application server in a distributed environment.

Download the Oracle Primavera P6 Web Services Fact Sheet