Oracle Business Process Management

Simplify process management with a business-driven approach, bringing together cross-departmental applications to create end-to-end, efficient and social business processes.

Drive results with business driven BPM

Business processes are at the heart of any enterprise and improving these processes impacts on efficiency, business visibility and agility. Oracle Universal Process Management helps ensure operational excellence, reduced risks, increased margins and improved customer experience.

Business-centric design and optimisation

Web based modelling and customisation of processes with BPMN 2.0 modelling standard. Oracle Universal Process Management uses simulation, process analysis and reporting using business defined process metrics.

Robust application development and integration

This is a standards based development environment with easy integration with enterprise applications including Oracle e-business suite. It offers end-to-end managing and monitoring and a business catalogue of objects and services.

Efficient work management

Collaborative process spaces are designed for all process, models and running process instances. It offers intelligent task routing and business process guides for a milestone based view.

Business driven process monitoring and improvement

Oracle Universal Process Management has standard dashboards with drilldown information; real-time lists, charts, KPI’s and configurable alerts.

Benefits of using Oracle Universal Process Management

  • Orchestrate activities across applications, systems and people
  • Extend existing applications with process and social capabilities
  • Remove whitespaces between applications
  • Move application customisations to BPM layer for ease of management
  • Remove complexity and lower costs
  • Give visibility and control to the business
  • Automate process to reduce overhead and costs
  • Speed delivery of new solutions and innovations
  • Help IT and LOB managers speak a common language
  • Improve process throughput and productivity