Oracle Accelerate

Oracle Accelerate solutions deliver a comprehensive set of applications, rapid implementation tools, and an extensive partner system, so that companies and government entities can maximise their budgets and achieve real business value quickly.

What is Milestone’s Oracle Accelerate?
Milestone’s Oracle Accelerate is a methodology designed specifically for small and medium enterprises within the Engineering and Construction industries to enable a swift and successful implementation and configuration of Oracle Primavera P6.

This solution which has been approved by Oracle under the Oracle Accelerate Specialisation Programme as part of Milestone’s Platinum partner status.

Why use Oracle Accelerate?

  • It offers a defined process and set of templates to be deployed during the implementation of Primavera P6:  from requirements gathering through to a standard database configuration and the delivery of training.
  • It delivers a quick, simple, professional implementation with a clear structure of what will be covered and who is performing each element of work.
  • It drastically reduces the ‘drag’ that can be experienced during an enterprise solution implementation providing clearly defined benefits, keeping the project moving, and delivering to an agreed timescale and cost.

How it Works

Once qualified, a series of clearly defined phases are progressed through to determine your requirements and build the solution.  You are advised every step of the way how elements of Primavera P6 work, consulted on the best approach for your organisation and provided with the in-house skills to deliver each phase. 

Oracle Accelerate includes training for your Subject Matter Experts (SME’s), who will be working with 1st Milestone to deliver the solution.  Training is available for up to eight of your SME’s ranging across System Administrators, Project Managers and Planners as well as Cost and Resource Managers.

Upon completion of the Oracle Accelerate approach, Primavera P6 will be installed and configured across your organisation.  Pre-defined data will be available within the database to enable immediate use of the system and providing you with the ability to characterise elements such as dashboards and reports.  Eight of your key users of the system will have received training and a deep knowledge of Primavera P6 will be available in-house thus ensuring the continued success of the Primavera P6 deployment.