Installation Consultancy

Help your organisation take advantage of technological advances in project management software that deliver superior user experience and vastly improve the availability of decision support information.

To get the most from the advantages of new technology it is crucial that any installation is made in an environment that is both immediately productive and capable of handling future expansion. This is where Milestone's Project Management Consultants can help.

Years of experience

Over the past twenty years we've installed thousands of systems, ranging from single user to multinational organisations with thousands of users through to simple desktops with widely distributed networks. Many of our larger installations are now using the latest browser based Oracle Primavera systems which offer even faster deployment than before. We're experts in figuring out the optimum project management software installation that will move your organisation into a new project management era in the most time efficient way possible.

How do we work?

Our Project Management Consultancy approaches Installation in two separate ways. Firstly we offer in-house advice and assistance through our expert staff. Where appropriate we can also offer a full hosted solution from our own UK based facilities, which removes the burden of handling the central application management requirement and upfront hardware costs, resulting in an improved user interface and faster installation. Milestone's qualified consultants undertake Oracle Primavera and complementary project management software installation and can also assist with network, operating systems, and/or database troubleshooting including internet, intranet and security.

Why should you choose Milestone?

Our Project Management Consultants have been doing this for a long time and we know what works. We can install applications ‘straight from the box' but we can also add value when installing the system in multi-user or distributed environments. We're specialists in Client Server Installations – more complex by nature they normally challenge existing in-house IT resources who may not have the capacity or expertise to take them on. Ultimately, getting the system up and running to the project team as soon as possible and with minimum disruption will save your organisation both time and money.