Milestone's Rapid Results

Milestone Rapid Results is an Oracle Primavera Accelerate solution designed by Milestone to maximise early benefits and minimise cost and delays. This fixed price affordable solution includes software, consultation and training and is ideal for organisations who want to benefit from a fully featured Oracle Primavera deployment but where resources and timeframe are limited.

Get immediate use from your system

Make full use of Primavera straight from the initial installation and benefit from ready to use templates, reports and dashboards and decision support reporting from the outset. Familiar data and structures will help end-user acceptance and the use of proven methodology will shorten the overall implementation process.

Low risk solution

Deploying Rapid Results places the burden of support to Milestone, giving you total peace of mind. Our modular solution is cost effective and uses pre-configured software to speed up the installation process. We offer optional hosting via LoadSpring and solution based project management training.

Based on years of experience

Milestone's over 20 years of experience has been used to develop this Oracle Primavera Accelerate solution. Rapid Results is designed around Oracle Business Accelerators, consisting of rapid implementation tools. Primarily aimed at midrange and SME organisations, or smaller divisional and site operations of larger companies, and specifically designed to minimise business disruption so that you can start seeing benefits quickly and easily.

Scalable solution

Rapid Results is totally scalable and can work for operations of all sizes and complexity while incorporating company focused and industry specific best practice. It takes advantage of Oracle Primavera ‘plug in' modules and seamlessly integrates with your existing ERP and Financial solutions.

A complete package

The basic Rapid Results package consists of facilitating a data-gathering exercise, project deliverables agreement, instructions for data take-on, dashboard and report definitions for up to eight key people. Any changes to the scope and timeline will be treated as a variance and agreed upon accordingly.