Milestone Healthcheck

Improve system performance and user satisfaction with a thorough on-site evaluation of your existing project management software solution, usage and contracts to assess whether your system is performing at the optimum level for your organisation. Drawing upon extensive product knowledge, deployment experience, training course feedback and expertise in technical implementation, our Project Management Consultants will provide a Health Check report with information and recommendations to maximise your ROI in your project management software.

Is your system working as well as it could be?

It is always good to monitor the efficiency of your software systems on a regular basis to make sure they are performing in the way that you need them to. At Milestone we consider

  • Is the system offering the best possible value for your investment?
  • Is the system being used as intended?
  • What is the latest industry standard for this type of project management software application?
  • Is the system in place the latest version or could you drive benefits from upgrading?
  • Are there any other complementary products that would help you get the most from your system?

We've installed thousands of applications over the past twenty years and worked with a variety of Project Management Teams which has given us an in-depth understanding of best and worst practices.

What do we deliver?

  • A baseline of your existing setup
  • Recommendations on available upgrade paths after a comparison of functional differences between your current system and the latest version of Oracle Primavera
  • Identification of other areas in your existing solution that can be utilised to maximise benefit
  • Review of complementary applications that could benefit your organisation
  • A review of your training needs and a suggested training plan based on our project management training courses

We then produce a full report showing you the next steps that should be taken to provide the best solution for your organisation, highlighting the benefit to each organisation need and taking into account configuration change, upgrades and training requirements.

Download the Milestone Health Check Fact Sheet