Bespoke Solutions

Successful implementation of new software must reduce the need for process change to meet the operating needs of the software, yet any new system implementation brings new facilities that offer an opportunity to review and change business wide processes. Milestone’s application project management consultancy can help you achieve value-added changes to bring you benefits from your investment as quickly as possible.

Drive through change while minimising impact

Milestone's Project Management Consultants bring industry best practice and can assist you inidentifying and driving through value-adding changes while minimising the impact on your day-to-day operations. Our Consultants are accredited and experienced across the entire range of Oracle Primavera Applications and complementary products that have been identified as adding value to our long term customers.

In depth knowledge

We've been in business for over twenty years and our Consultants have expert in-depth knowledge of applications from the oldest versions of the project management software to the most recent. They can advise you on the best upgrade options for your particular needs and help you make the best use of tools and features that exist in the application.

Future proof systems

Our team will advise you on the design, development, prototyping, build, testing and implementation of your project portfolio management application. To support your future needs and on-going maintenance our consultants will always recommend adherence to the latest industry best practice.

What Project Management Consultancy services do we offer?

  • General Consultancy: Detailed design and custom-programming interfaces related to Primavera products.
  • Application Consultancy: Advanced application problem solving and/or knowledge transfer
  • Project Management Procedures: Advice on implementation of computerised project management systems by reviewing an organisation's existing procedures and supporting them with the required updates.
  • Report Development: Provision of experienced Consultants to analyse the required data with our clients, and then either customise an existing report or develop new reports so projects are reported in the client's style.
  • Data Conversion: Many companies move to Primavera from other planning packages; our experts can help you with a seamless transition and provide additional resources to meet any work overload during the processs.
  • System Integration: we help you define your requirements, and build the integration of your applications for easy, smooth operation.