Our Values

We know that we can’t manage your projects for you, but we can provide you with the best project management consulting support and tools that are out there so that you can prioritise, plan, manage and evaluate your projects, programs and portfolios with ease. 

Milestone’s reputation as a reliable, consistent and trustworthy organisation is built upon our deep understanding and proactive assessment of project, programme and portfolio management solutions. Our training, consultancy and implementation expertise in Oracle’s Primavera, aligned with our range of complementary products, means that we provide our customers with the knowledgeable support they need. Our clients, employees and shareholders are loyal to us because we excel in delivering this.

Our Vision

To continuously enhance our reputation as a knowledgeable, consistent and trustworthy organisation. We do this by proactively identifying and reviewing project, programme and portfolio management solutions for the benefit of our clients, employees and shareholders.

Our Mission

To be the first-choice provider of Oracle’s Primavera and complementary solutions in the UK and EMEA by continuously improving our implementation & integration support services and our range of complementary products.

Find Out More

Contact one of Milestone's expert advisors today to discuss how we can help on 01525 243 404 or via info@milestoneuk.com