Milestone are proud to introduce two new products to our solutions portfolio - ScheduleReader & ScheduleCleaner


What is it?

  • ScheduleReader is a standalone, desktop software solution that dynamically presents project data from .xer, xml and .xls schedules exported from the Oracle Primavera P6 application, which users can easily filter, organize and share.
  • The software works with project files without connection to a database, and opens large project plans in just a few seconds.

Who is using it?

  • Non schedulers who want to review a P6 schedule.
  • Schedulers who need quick access to project schedule data and create reports.

Why consider?

  • Improve project communication and coordination between teams.
  • Easy to use, quick and customizable

Why use ScheduleReaderTM instead of sharing PDF files

  • Get interactive overview of the project data through different Views (Activities, WBS, OBS, Resources, Resource Assignments, Projects, Roles and more)
  • Use Custom and Auto filters, Sorts and Groups to quickly access information
  • Compare Baselines
  • Propose Progress Update from Field - report back project progress parameters
  • Generate Dynamic Graphical Reports and analyze schedule quality

What new in Rel 7.5

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What is it?

  • ScheduleCleanerTM is a Windows desktop application, which allows users to remove, convert or anonymize sensitive/confidential data within project files exported from the Oracle Primavera P6 software.

General Use Case

  • Clean (convert, remove or mask) sensitive data in .xer or .xml file in order to prepare the file for:
  • Import to a P6 database, when XER/XML file is received from others
  • Ready to share with an other (external) project stakeholders

Why consider?

  • Keep sensitive data confidential when sharing project files
  • Save time spent on manually cleaning XER and XML schedules
  • Avoid database pollution with unwanted data (global calendars, activity codes)

What data can ScheduleCleaner clean:

  • Remove Costs, Units, Rates, Pricing
  • Mask Resource Names
  • Convert Global to Project Calendars
  • Convert Activity Codes, Global/EPS to Project and other
  • Remove POBS, Baselines

click to download webinar 3_0.jpg