In the light of the recent announcement by the Prime Minister and Public Health England, and after careful consideration, Milestone will be operating remotely with our staff working from home, effective 18th March 2020.
Our customers and our staff are our primary concern in these unprecedented times, but fortunately we have always had a back-up call facility in place, and therefore our ability to support our customers will not change.
Clearly however, this will have an effect on person-to-person client interaction, but we intend to mitigate this by maximising use of technology to ensure that we can continue to deliver as complete a service as we always have.

Any TRAINING delivery will be performed using Go-to-Meeting or similar.  This will mean that trainees will need access to the internet, a microphone (and camera if available), and the ability to install the selected collaboration software on the trainee computer.

We will continue to publish available training dates and prospective trainees should continue to register in the normal way

On-site CONSULTANCY will be suspended, and where possible replaced with remote liaison using a combination of audio/visual links and written procedures.

All ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT by our sales team will also be remote, again using audio/visual engagement to supplement telephone and email discussions.

For further information please call 020 8326 5760 or email

Naturally we hope that the current crisis abates quickly, but please be assured that we will continue to support all our customers, staff and contacts fully.

We wish all our customers and their families the best of health.