We would be delighted if you would join us at one of our upcoming webinars highlighting the well-known ScheduleReader and latest release of the new ScheduleCleaner; two superb applications available from Seavus Group

We have two dates scheduled:


  • Introduction to the webinar: Short slideshow.
  • Demonstration of Schedule Reader: An introduction – Viewing Primavera XER, XML and XLS schedules exported from Primavera P6.
  • Importing Primavera P6 files into Schedule Reader: Viewing project files, grouping and sorting data, filtering, how to manipulate views.
  • Demonstration of Schedule Reader PRO: The extra features and benefits of the Professional version.
  • Overview of Schedule Cleaner: Cleansing Primavera P6 project files of confidential data.
  • Opportunity for Q+A. 

What is it?
ScheduleReader is a standalone, desktop software solution that dynamically presents project data from .xer, xml and .xls schedules exported from the Oracle Primavera P6 application, which users can easily filter, organize and share.
The software works with project files without connection to a database, and opens large project plans in just a few seconds.

Who is using it?

  • Non schedulers who want to review a P6 schedule.
  • Schedulers who need quick access to project schedule data and create reports.

Why consider?

  • Improve project communication and coordination between teams.
  • Easy to use, quick and customizable

Why use ScheduleReaderTM instead of sharing PDF files

  • Get interactive overview of the project data through different Views (Activities, WBS, OBS, Resources, Resource Assignments, Projects, Roles and more)
  • Use Custom and Auto filters, Sorts and Groups to quickly access information
  • Compare Baselines
  • Propose Progress Update from Field - report back project progress parameters
  • Generate Dynamic Graphical Reports and analyze schedule quality

What is it?
ScheduleCleanerTM is a Windows desktop application, which allows users to remove, convert or anonymize sensitive/confidential data within project files exported from the Oracle Primavera P6 software.

General Use Case
Clean (convert, remove or mask) sensitive data in .xer or .xml file in order to prepare the file for:

  • Import to a P6 database, when XER/XML file is received from others
  • Ready to share with an other (external) project stakeholders

Why consider?

  • Keep sensitive data confidential when sharing project files
  • Save time spent on manually cleaning XER and XML schedules
  • Avoid database pollution with unwanted data (global calendars, activity codes)

What data can ScheduleCleaner clean:

  1. Remove Costs, Units, Rates, Pricing
  2. Mask Resource Names
  3. Convert Global to Project Calendars
  4. Convert Activity Codes, Global/EPS to Project and other
  5. Remove POBS, Baselines