Oracle Prime 17.7

Oracle Prime 17.7 introduces the Field application, a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for collaboration at a construction site. Prime Field includes a web application with an accompanying iOS application for workers on the jobsite. Prime Field for iOS supports offline mode and takes a drawing-first approach to complete mission critical functions. Prime Field provides configurable workflows and forms that conform to project standards, letting field workers use familiar processes. Using location recognition in Drawing Management, the project manager and project engineer can streamline Issues Management, Inspections, and commissioning. With the intuitive Daily Reports feature, site superintendents can receive subcontractor input, fill in missing information, and complete the report in an efficient and timely manner. Integration with the Document Exchange provides access to all files that came in via the Submittals process right on the mobile application. Mobile users have access to device features like photos to encourage rich data input and barcode scanning for quick access to locations and items.

Submittals will be the first document type managed in Document Exchange. Submittals can be added one at a time or added by importing them from a PDF project specification manual. Features include both an out of the box workflow and custom workflows using the workflow engine, ability to attach multiple document types, notifications to identify when an item is in a specific users court, required actions and current status.

Portfolio Managers can now use the efficient frontier to visualize the set of optimal portfolios that offers the highest expected return for a defined level of risk for a given level of expected return. Portfolio's Evaluation Categories now allows you to reverse the rank in a single click and edit the weight percentage. This gives you more flexibility in defining the ranking order.

Custom Workflows are now supported for Change Orders, Budget and Submittals. e.g. A custom workflow can be configured for the Submit action in the change order object. Any user with edit privileges to change orders can take the submit action, and therefore initiate a workflow.

Certain folders are pre-created on Projects and will be used by the Prime Field App to store files automatically. Additionally, make use of the new "Sync File to Mobile" feature to selectively and efficiently sync files to Prime Field Mobile App.

Other enhancements include Project Construction Cost field on the Project settings, Simplified batch import of Users and Companies, the page level breadcrumb are simplified to only show the main object the user is working with along with the page for the currently opened app and in addition users can now select and work with different companies.

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