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What’s New in HD 11

HD version 11 is the next release of Hard Dollar’s premier Project Cost Management System. This release incorporates powerful time-phasing capabilities giving owners of engineering and construction companies the power to create cost estimate models, integrate cost and resource loaded schedules, measure progress, and accurately forecast with unprecedented ease throughout the project lifecycle.


Some of the new and enhanced features in V11 include
New in V11:

  • Break Cost Item Quantities into Periods
  • New! Create Estimate and Proposal Reports based on Resource Billing Rates
  • Create Custom Cost Curves to drive Cash Flow Accuracy
  • Overlay Actual values with Planned values in the Cash Flow Graph
  • Load Equipment Resource Costs into HD from InfoMine
  • Control which Cost Items are Automatically Copied to New Jobs from the Master CBS
  • Easily see who is working in the Current Job
  • Enhanced! Integrate with Primavera versions P6 V8 and P6 V8.1
  • Manual Schedule option
  • Compare Superior/Subordinate Quantities with Quantity Check
  • Calculate Equipment Maintenance Costs more Accurately
  • Calculate Production in Job Tracking based on Plug days instead of Schedule days

Enhanced in V11:

  • More Flexibility for Dependent Cost Items
  • Excel Linking and Embedding
  • More options to filter out Non-Utilized Resources

And many more enhancements. Please take some time to read the "What's New in Hard Dollar V11" document.

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