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LoadSpring: SpringBoard 7.0

Posted on Thursday, 25 July 2013

SpringBoard has been re-engineered from the ground up. It’s all new, in all the right places. You get incredible power—not to just manage the Cloud, but to make it bend over backwards and jump through flaming hoops for you. It’s the speediest, simplest and smartest SpringBoard Cloud Portal ever. And yet, it’s instantly familiar and intuitive, with everything you need just a click or two away.

All the Good Stuff is Still Here!

For starters, LoadSpring kept all of the SpringBoard features you’ve come to know and love:

  • Fast, easy deployment and implementation
  • Enterprise-level security
  • Instant access to LoadSpring Academy
  • Single sign-on for Oracle Primavera applications
  • Lightning-quick SmartSupport issue resolution
  • Provisioning engine lets you assign users and roles fast
  • Auto Performance Indicators monitor performance
  • Self-registration saves time and trouble
  • Painless software license tracking

All the New Stuff’s Incredible!

Imagine creating your own Project Management suites in the Cloud—scheduling, estimating, BIM, mobile and tons more. Now imagine easier management and sharing of applications, data and ideas worldwide. And that’s just the start.

SpringBoard’s awesome new strengths include:

SpringBoard Connect empowers you to access and view critical data from multiple applications, directly from SpringBoard. It’s free and built right into the system.
GlobalView Reporting with geosite mapping lets you see where your team members are, who’s logged in and what      software they’re using. Planning for expansion is easier when your know where your greatest concentration of users is. License tracking is simpler, too, since you can monitor who’s using what and can review total license usage from a single location.
PM Social is your private, assignment-based messaging network, integrated right into SpringBoard. It keeps all your teams in touch and in synch. Instantly.
Plays Well with LoadSpringMobile, which allows your teams to interact with Project Management software and data using iPads, tablets, and smartphones.

Put it all together and you’ll appreciate how SpringBoard now does more things for more people than ever. All at a lower cost of ownership. All with greater performance and ease. It’s all the power (and glory) you needed to reign over the Cloud. Right now.

SpringBoard 7.0 Sneak Peek


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LoadSpring: SpringBoard 7.0